Pregnancy and Childbirth

Our Obstetrics Services 

Every pregnancy is different. Because they are well aware of this reality, our team of doctors specializing in pregnancy ensures that they offer appropriate and personalized follow-up to each of the pregnant women in their care. We work closely with experienced nurses to support families from the moment they arrive at the birthing center to ensure a good start with their newborn. To find out more, watch our explanatory video. 

How will your stay at St. Mary's Hospital Center go?

Evaluation Unit

Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the Evaluation Unit.  Examinations by the nurse and doctor on duty will determine whether you are admitted to the birthing center. 

Delivery Rooms

After your admission, you will be directed to a private delivery room where you will have access to a bathroom and a shower.  Depending on your condition, you can use a bath, ball, birth bar, etc. during labour. 

Mother-Child Care Unit

After delivery, you will be transferred to a room (private, semi-private, or public) with your newborn baby.  Please note: the room choice you made upon admission may not be available.


The intermediate care nursery provides close monitoring for babies who need special medical attention.  Parents are encouraged to visit the nursery regularly to promote bonding and the mother's milk flow. 

Practical Information

Locations, hours, hospital services, etc.

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